We provide advice in making marketing decisions.

What does that mean in practice?

We’ll help you improve your existing and find new ways to attract customers, whether it’s online marketing or traditional channels. We will analyze what you have created so far, show you ways to optimize and where you can find additional sources of customer acquisition. 

We guarantee you support in:

  • finding and improving customer acquisition channels — i.e. increasing the potential sales opportunities of your product or service
  • selecting the most effective promotion channels for your company, i.e. those channels where the cost of acquiring a customer is the lowest, i.e. increasing the number of customers at the same advertising budget
  • planning marketing budgets — i.e. dividing your promotion into basic and supporting channels, so that the promotion reaches the largest possible number of recipients willing to make a purchase
  • analysing and optimising the actions carried out and drawing conclusions and proposals for the implementation of further changes to improve the current situation

How do we cooperate?

Why is it worth it?

  • We listen to your needs and the heart of your business. We design our activities together and use a partnership approach.
  • We advise you how to open up to new customers.
  • We are up to date. We adjust technologies and tools to your business objectives. 
  • You receive specific recommendations that will improve your processes.
  • We know how to make effective marketing work. Benefit from our experience.

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